Poker and indie's the new peanut butter and jelly, baby...


Pushing the limit...

What's up y'all! Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...step inside...

So, after humping the 8 - 5, I played a little 1-2 limit. Yeah, I said I was stepping back to NL, but I had a slight change of heart. So, I fired up partypoker and found what looked to be a hella-live game. Average pot sat at $ one had a serious I figure I'm just going to set my hook and reel me in some overplayers.

For once in my life, I couldn't have been more right. At least 3 guys were calling raises pre-flop with A-shit offsuit and playing them to the showdown. 35 minutes later, I was up $35 on my $50. A couple of complete loose cannons joined the table and I didn't feel like dealing with them, so I cut loose. Seriously, these two guys went head-to-head in their first hands. They capped pre- and post-flop, capped the turn, and 2 bet the river. Board ended up 5 A 7 K T (no 3-flush). Moron one won it with 53o, Moron 2 went to the river with J2o. What the HELL!? So, I'm up for the night and all is well in Hundoland. Hopefully y'all had good nights, too.

While we're talking limit, if any of you haven't read "Small Stakes Hold'em", you'd might as well be using your bankroll to wipe you dog's ass. Seriously, go pick it up and read it 3 times. After that, keep it in the "office" and pick 'er up when nature calls. The book teaches a very tight aggressive style that your bankroll will thank you for (well, assuming your cards can beat the 43off I've been getting lately:)

So, let's talk some rock. I'm going to get on my soapbox here about The Wrens. First, a little background...

Back in '96, the band released Secaucus, one of the seminal indie-rock, emo albums, to massive critical success. Halfway thru the tour, Grass Records tells them that unless they sign their "big buck" new contract and go more "radio-friendly", all promotion for the album will cease. They basically tell them to "suck it" and Grass Records pulls ALL funding and cancels the European tour. The head of the label goes ballistic, fires the executives responsible, and vows that the next band that walks thru his door will be HUGE. Shortly thereafter, Scott Stapp and the musical atrocity that is Creed walk in the door. Grass Records becomes and Creed becomes famous.

So, the band piddles around for a while in the dirges, and records "The Meadowlands" in '02 in one of the member's living room. Their label, Drive Thru Records, strikes a deal with MCA and The Wrens pull out...having no desire to deal with more major label horseshit. They release the album on a friend's label, Absolutely Kosher Records, and the album makes nearly EVERY critic's Top Ten list and sets the indie world aflame. Vengeance is sweet.

The best way I can describe the album is frighteningly immediate and honest. The exuberance of their youth has been trampled by broken dreams and emotional heartache...but, in their own words, "I been let down, but I stood up, dead off of the ground, but I stood up, and faced another round". (Hang on, I need a second here...okay) Listening to the album, it feels the band sweat and bled on the reel-to-reel. This is music the way it should be. No more Britney Spears, no more Maroon 5, no more FUCKING AMERICAN IDOL!!!

So, drop whatever you're doing, hit Limewire on your desktop and check out "Boys You Won't Remember", "Happy", "She Sends Kisses" (personal fave), and "Everyone Chooses Sides". Then, run to your local independent records store (Everybody's Records) and pick up "The Meadowlands". Downloading is great to check out bands, but we HAVE to support music like this...keep these guys around. Hell, go one step further, pick up a ticket to The Wrens show at Southgate House on June 3rd (tickets are only $10!!)...I'll buy you a beer at the show.

Best of luck on the felt and at the record shop. Until later, y'all...


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